The importance of inclusive marketing

21 February, 2024

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Inclusive marketing and communication refer to practices that seek to ensure that messages, products and services are accessible and relevant to all people, regardless of their abilities, circumstances or individual characteristics. These practices focus on representing diversity, removing barriers, and promoting equity in communication and marketing.

In the context of inclusive marketing and communication, it is considered essential:

  • Diverse representation: Include people of different ethnic, cultural, gender, ages, abilities and orientations in advertising campaigns and communication content. This seeks to reflect the diversity of society and promote broader identification with the brand or message.
  • Accessibility: Adapt content and communication channels so that they are accessible to people with visual, hearing, cognitive or motor disabilities. This involves using inclusive language, providing textual alternatives for images and videos, and ensuring the accessibility of websites and digital platforms
  • Cultural sensitivity: Consider cultural and linguistic differences when developing marketing and communication strategies. This involves avoiding stereotypes and prejudices, and adapting messages so that they are relevant and respectful in different cultural contexts.
  • Ethics and social responsibility: Promote values of inclusion, equity and respect in all communications and marketing actions. This reflects an ethical commitment and social responsibility on the part of brands and companies.

The adaptation of accessible content includes the use of clear and simple language, the provision of textual alternatives for images and videos, ensuring the accessibility of materials and facilities, and the use of appropriate subtitles and labels to structure the content. These practices seek to guarantee accessibility for people with disabilities.

In the Marketing and Communication Guide Inclusiva from ILUNION addresses diversity from the audience we target and how they consume the content so that it reaches them in the appropriate way.