From ONCE Foundation / Inserta Innovación we invite you to try our accessibility chatbot!

8 January, 2024

"" Inserta Innovación, an entity dependent on the ONCE Foundation, is working to ensure that new technologies take disability into account, an example of this is the INTELIDATA. INTELIDATA is a new chat that, based on artificial intelligence, is supported by the extensive knowledge of the ONCE Social Group on this matter. The operation of the chat is simple, the user can ask any question related to the disability and the chat will respond. It is still in development, so it may present some functionality and accessibility barrier, but it is already capable of answering a wide range of questions naturally, even if they are open-ended or challenging. From Inserta Innovación they encourage you to put it to the test.

TRY THE CHAT< /p> You can ask all the questions you deem appropriate. If you are a specialist in a specific type of disability, do not hesitate to put it to the test. After each question, the chat will ask you to evaluate the answer received. By evaluating the response, you are contributing to the improvement of INTELIDATA. The more people and entities help us test the system, the more useful and accessible it will be for everyone. Thank you for your time and consideration!