UNE-ISO 21542:2012 Building. Built Environment Accessibility

Exact name (in spanish): UNE-ISO 21542:2012 Edificación. Accesibilidad del entorno construido

Current update: Inglés 31 de octubre de 2012 (Será anulada por: PNE-prEN 17210) (Anula a UNE 41520:2002, UNE 41522:2001, UNE 41523:2001) (Equivalencia con la norma internacional ISO 21542:2011) October 31, 2012 (Will be annulled by: PNE-prEN 17210) (Annulled UNE 41520:2002, UNE 41522:2001, UNE 41523:2001) (Equivalence with the international standard ISO 21542:2011)

Approval date: October 31, 2012

Effective: Yes

Entity that promotes it: International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Issue: Built environment


This International Standard specifies a range of requirements and recommendations for many of the building elements, assemblies, components and accessories of which the built environment is made up. These requirements and recommendations refer to the construction aspects of buildings: access, interior circulation, exit in normal situations and evacuation in case of emergency. It also includes an informative annex that deals with aspects of accessibility management in buildings.

Geographic scope of application: International

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