UNE 178501:2018 Management system for smart tourist destinations. Requirements

Exact name (in spanish): UNE 178501:2018 Sistema de gestión de los destinos turísticos inteligentes. Requisitos

Current update: June 13, 2018 (annuls UNE: 17851:2016)

Approval date: June 13, 2018

Effective: Yes

Entity that promotes it: Spanish Standardization (UNE)

Issue: Tourism


This standard specifies the requirements to establish, implement, maintain and improve a management system for a Smart Tourist Destination that adequately considers governance, innovation, the use of technologies, universal accessibility and sustainability in said destination. It is applicable to all types of tourist destinations, regardless of their conception (vacation, urban, natural, etc.), size (municipal or supramunicipal) and nature of their Managing Entity.

Geographic scope of application: Spain

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