UNE 153020:2005 Audio description for people with visual disabilities. Requirements for audio description and preparation of audio guides

Exact name (in spanish): UNE 153020:2005 Audiodescripción para personas con discapacidad visual. Requisitos para la audiodescripción y elaboración de audioguías

Current update: January 26, 2005

Approval date: anuary 26, 2005

Effective: Yes

Entity that promotes it: Spanish Standardization (UNE)

Issue: Communication


This UNE standard establishes the basic requirements that must be taken into account by those who make audiowritten productions for people with visual disabilities. The requirements for audio description established in this UNE standard are applicable to the following types of productions: productions broadcast on TV: films, series, documentaries, etc.; productions recorded on any medium: films, series, documentaries, etc.; cinema, live shows: theatre, musical, etc.; monuments: churches, palaces; museums and exhibitions, natural environments and thematic spaces: natural parks, theme parks, etc.

Geographic scope of application: Spain

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