Plataforma para el impulso de la accesibilidad universal

Booking AccessRobot Pilot Service


The AccessRobot project is framed within the needs of people with disabilities to obtain greater autonomy in carrying out itineraries in large areas, such as in the area of transport in railway stations or airports, hospitals and residences, shopping centres, and leisure and tourism centres. It is an assistive robotic system that acts as an interactive guide for users, who may have different disability profiles (physical, visual, hearing or intellectual), accompanying them along the traced route, as well as carrying luggage, shopping bags, etc. At present, a pilot service is being offered, with the following features:
  • Fleet of 4 assistance robots
  • Mapping of the facility where the escort service is required.
  • Customised configuration of the system according to the characteristics of the installation (user pick-up points, intermediate points of interest, options regarding the final destination points of the accompaniment).
  • 1 month of service including:
    • Remote assistance and support via cloud service
    • Reservation management
    • User management
  • Availability throughout Spain during last quarter of 2022 and first quarter of 2023

    Application AccessRobot Pilot Service

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